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March 14, 2007



How exactly do these "wrong scale" dwfs get created in the first place? My viewports are set to 1"=40' but my DWF "thinks" they are 1"=41.4' (i.e. when I use measure, it will measure a 100' feature as 103.5'). Paper space objects measure dead on however. This seems to only happen with certain random DWGs.

Scott Sheppard

The most likely scenario is that the DWF file was published at low precision. The remedy for this is to increase the vector DPI. You can associate use page setup to assciate model space with DWF6 ePlot pc3 and crank up the vector DPI to 30720 and see if that corrects the problem.


I noticed that markups do not change size based on scale. The cloud for example, uses the same arc-length all the time. This can be problematic depending on the scale of the DWF. Is there a way to control the GLOBAL scale of markups? This is a sorely needed feature. I have found that in Mapping for example, markups are basically unusable because they come in too big.

Volker Joseph

This is in the works.


I'd like to add my voice to the request for being able to set a custom scale (preferably with a simple graphical tool).

The drawings we use consist of multiple elements, nearly every DWF generated has a main layout at one scale, with details at a different scale.

Because of this, almost none of our DWF files have an appropriate scale set, and the measurement tools are useless.

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