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March 28, 2007


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R.K. McSwain

...until the client calls you after receiving this email and says "What is this?? Just send me a PDF..."

No I didn't make this up. It happened.

I try to push DWF when I can, but it usually gets shoved right back in my face....

Scott Sheppard

Some people have the free Autodesk Design Review. Some do not. Many people will receive an email message like this, click the link, and opt to install Autodesk Design Review. Some will not. For those who will not, there's always Freewheel which allows them to view DWF files without the need to install additional software.

A. Huber

How can i do this with command line or a Batch-File?

R.K. McSwain

Most people I have dealt with at large firms can't install the viewer even if they wanted to. An IT request and lots of time is involved.

Scott Sheppard

At Autodesk we recognize that some users cannot install software on their machines. An IT request and lots of time is involved. That's why we have an alternative to Autodesk Design Review called Freewheel that is available at http://dwfit.com. Freewheel allows you to view a DWF file without the need to install additional software. It also lets you view the data in places, e.g. cell phone, where Autdoesk Design Review is not supported.

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