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June 06, 2007


Scott Sheppard

This is great. People have been asking for a Revit example for a long time.

Brok Howard

http://anydwg.com/ Can you explain to me if this dwf to dwg software could be used to really convert secure un-editable dwf format to something that would be vulnerable?

Volker Joseph

I am aware of several customers who make use of this 3rd party tool. Said that, it is known that not all DWF to DWG conversions ensure that all original data will be represented correctly, upon completion of conversion.

Scott Bloss


I have reviewed the video clip and have a couple suggestions to offer. I would like to see the red mark notation changed to a highlighted color when the dwf is reopened after the parameter values have been changed in revit to done. This would surely be a big help to all project managers and project architects out there when trying to verify what has been completed. It is basically the same process as the old paper days when the mark-up has been completed the draftsman or cad operator would use a highlighter and highlight the red mark to indicate that it has been completed. I may have overlooked something and this may already be possible.

Volker Joseph

Thank you for the feedback.

We will capture your comments in form of a feature request for future Revit versions.

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