What’s New in the Autodesk® Design Review Family?

The following table identifies features that were added or enhanced by release.

What's New in
DWF Composer 2.0?

What's New in
Design Review 2007

What's New in
Design Review 2008?

What's New in
Design Review 2009?


1.      3D Models can now be opened, rotated, and measured.

2.      Take snapshots inside and outside DWF Composer.

3.      Open multi-sheet TIFF files.

4.      Custom Symbols, stored in a catalog.

5.      Stamp markup can now be tracked in the navigator.

6.      Improved revision cloud appearance.

7.      Color coded status of markup callouts and custom symbols.

8.      Markup cross selection: When selected in the Markups palette, markup now also highlights in the graphics area, and vice versa.

9.      Improved dimension precision.

10.  Improved print quality due to transparency settings.

11.  Print Preview for each sheet

12.  Navigator palettes, menus, and toolbars streamlined

13.  Opens DXF files.

14.  Runs embedded in Buzzsaw.


1.      Auto-publish a DWG or DXF file to a DWF file upon import.

2.      Combine 2D and 3D content in the same DWF file.

3.      Drag and drop DWF files from the desktop or Windows Explorer into Design Review.

4.      DWF files can now contain hyperlinks to 2D and 3D content.

5.      You can now see 3D views from Autodesk® Revit.

6.      Track text and dimensions as individual markups, instead of the previous tracking according to the view they were created in.

7.      View thumbnails of DWF files in Windows Explorer.

8.      Search for text in DWF files from Windows Explorer.

9.      Inventor: If the Inventor author has published these with the DWF file, you can see

a.       Accurate display of color, lighting, line weight, and so on, as published from Autodesk® Inventor.

b.      Representations: views published by the Inventor author.

c.       Bills of materials: the list of parts and assemblies for a 3D model.

d.      Animations: shows how parts fit together.

e.       Assembly instructions: how to put together the assembly as shown in the animation.

f.       FEA: the results of Finite Element Analysis.

10.  Turntable for 3D models.

11.  The Views palette: save views created in Design Review.

12.  View cross sections of a 3D model.

13.  View sheets and models in black and white or grayscale.

14.  Merge two or more DWF files from the Desktop or from Windows Explorer.

15.  Rotate an image.

16.  Rotate markup objects.

17.  Drag and drop DWF files into Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint®.

18.  Publish and email DWF files from Windows Explorer or the desktop.

19.  Email an open DWF file.

20.  Black and white or grayscale print options.

21.  Print-disabled DWF files.

22.  Measure-disabled DWF files.

23.  Enhanced Print dialog box layout.

24.  Print 2D and 3D DWF sheets from within the same DWF file.

25.  Postpone printing while saving print settings.

26.  Print DWF files from Windows Explorer.

27.  Align scaled drawings when printing.

28.  Batch printing.



1.      Enhanced 3D content navigation. Use the View Cube and Steering Wheels to facilitate viewing 3D objects and to conduct walkthroughs in architectural models.

2.      Lighting effects. User-selectable lighting options make viewing 3D models easier.

3.      Control shadows. View shadows with 3D models.

4.      Direct 3D markup. 3D markups can now be added directly to a 3D model.

5.      Enhanced 3D measurement. 3D measurements are now persistent.

6.      3Dconnexion SpaceTraveler™ support. Use the 3Dconnexion software that comes with the device to configure it for 2D and 3D navigation with Design Review. (See Learning Resources: Non-Autodesk Web Sites.)

7.      Compare 2D DWF content. Compare two 2D DWF files to identify geometry that has been added, deleted, or changed.

8.      Georeferenced map support. Use maps from Autodesk® Map 3D 2008 to view maps with published coordinates to identify existing coordinates or, if a compatible GPS device is installed, identify real-time coordinate information.

9.      More disablements. When a DWF file is originally published, various restrictions can be put in place for markup, measuring, and printing capabilities.

10.  Search online. Search the Web for details about selected sheet, markup, and object properties.

11.  Batch Print plug-in. Batch print capabilities are now part of a plug-in that must be downloaded and installed separately from Design Review.

12.  Enhanced Hewlett-Packard Instant Printing™ support. HPIP can now automatically detect a plotter’s paper size. In addition, HPIP can be accessed from the Batch Print Wizard.

13.  Set sheet size based on location. Default sheet sizes can be determined by the Regional Options setting from the Regional and Language Options control panel on a user’s computer.

14.  Autodesk Customer Involvement Program (CIP). CIP provides Autodesk with anonymous information about Design Review.

15.  Navigator enhancements. Greater control over the Navigator Pane and its palettes.

16.  DWFx support. Design Review now enables you to open DWFx files, as well as save DWF files using the DWFx file format.


1.      New default file format. DWFx is now the default file format for Design Review.

2.      Enhanced user interface. Design Review now has a more customizable interface.

3.      Find text. Locate text in an open DWF file.

4.      Rotate 2D content. In addition to raster images, you can now rotate 2D sheets that do not contain markup.

5.      Flexible component support. Design Review can display flexible components in a DWF file. A flexible component is an object published by Inventor that illustrates a connection between other objects, such as a wire strung between two telephone poles. If one pole is moved farther from the other pole, the wire (the flexible component) appears to stretch to accommodate the new pole position.

6.      Updated plug-ins. Design Review plug-ins have been improved.

7.      Freewheel. Design Review can now share DWF files on the Autodesk Project Freewheel Web site so DWF files can be reviewed without requiring customers to install software. Choose File  Freewheel to learn more about the plug-in. (The Autodesk Project Freewheel Web site and the Freewheel plug-in are available in English only.)

8.      Batch print directly from Design Review. You can now print multiple DWF files without having to download and install a plug-in.