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DWF-This-Link! Bookmarklet

What does it do?

DWF-This-Link! bookmarklet converts your DWF file links on your web page to thumbnail preview images (rendered on the fly). Visitors to your web page can click the thumbnail image to view the DWF using the Project Freewheel DWF Viewer.

How do I get it?

Right-click (Windows) or option-click (Mac) the button below and save the link to your Favorites or Bookmarks.
Now that I have this new item in my list of favorites, I can use it when I encounter a web page that has links to DWF files.

Try it out!

  1. Go to any web page containing links to DWF files such as:

  2. While on the web page, from your Bookmarks or Favorites, find the DWF-this-link! bookmark you saved and execute it.

  3. After the page refreshes, you see that the links to the DWF files have been replaced by thumbnail images.

  4. Click on a thumbnail to view the DWF file using the Project Freewheel Viewer which does not require any client software - just your browser.

System Requirements


  1. I am using Internet Explorer 6 on Microsoft Windows XP. My list of Favorites looks like:

  2. I right click on the DWF-This-Link! bookmarklet image above and select:

  3. Internet Explorer 6 gives me a warning message:

  4. I click Yes and an add message is displayed:

  5. I click OK. Now my Favorites has a new entry at the end:

  6. I navigate to a web page with DWF links (such as this Google search page). It looks like:

  7. I use My Favorites to select DWF-this-link!:

  8. After the page refreshes, it looks like:

This is very handy when a web page has several links to DWF files.