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January 01, 2007


Scott Sheppard

I have turned on comments for 2007!

Peter Jones

Hi Scott

Can you please set up a similar illustrated step by step flowchart for round tripping across Revit and Autocad programs?

We use Revit but most of our consultants use Autocad. Any advise welcome.


Peter Jones

Scott Sheppard

Thank you for the suggestion. As this article covers AutoCAD, I should also do one for Revit. I will post a follow up blog article. I am always looking for ideas as to what to write about.

Greg McDowell

I too would like to see how the round trip is done in Revit... I can not seem to find the right combination of tools to do what I think is supposed to work (where is the Republish Markup DWF equivalent?) Thanks!

Thomas Lindner

Could you please confirm whether the same process works with 3D DWF mark-ups in revit environment? A similar step by step guide -as useful as the above - would be much appreciated! Many thanks.

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