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February 28, 2007


Joshua Nelson

Actually I believe the DWF6 ePlot DETE.pc3 file is used by Vault to create the DWF file that is used in the preview pane. I was creating our 2008 deploy and had the same question as Grant and decided to delete the "DETE" pc3. However, when I went to check in a drawing to the vault and I chose "Create DWF" during check in, the DWF creation would fail. I put the "DETE" pc3 back in my plotters folder and the DWF creation worked fine....

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DWF files optionally embed fonts. For example, AutoCAD users can embed all, some, or none of the fonts. With DWFx, the only choice is "all." This will be welcome news to people who have shared DWF files with others who did not have the same set of fonts on their systems; however, it does make the DWFx files larger.

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