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February 05, 2007



OK - skip the Register Autodesk Design Review after launching ADR on the Getting Started page. But unable to access the workarea - the only options I have is File and Tools File only has open. Tools limited to 3 tabs of nothing I need. If you don't need to register to access the work space shown in the tutorial then how do you get the functions shown?

Scott Sheppard

We have an open feature request from another customer to have more choices available without a DWF file open. If you open up a DWF file, the full menu of choices will be available. An empty DWF file is available for this purpose: http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/2006/07/working_with_dw.html


Can you help me? I put in a request on our subscription also, but that takes days or weeks sometimes.
I loaded this software to do one thing, print DWF files, batch print them specifically.
I get part way through the wizard and it grey's out the print options, which is what I need to batch print.
Any Ideas?

Scott Sheppard

Unfortunately I am not a technical support expert. The problem you describe sounds specific to your computer or your printer driver. I will ask around and if I get any valuable information, I will post a follow up comment.


I used your code, and after it expired i tried using a freinds code, it won't let me even after unistalling and reinstalling it....any help ?

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