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February 16, 2007



Hm. It's not an issue to have a graphics card that displays 1024x768, but if you intend on using Design Review in a meeting room with a projector you had better make sure that it can display that resolution. I know at our office only half of our projectors can reach that display resolution. The remainder max out at 800x600.

Scott Sheppard

There are many versions of Vista: Vista Starter, Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise, and Vista Ultimate. Our QA is validating Autodesk Design Review 2008 on Windows Vista Ultimate which is why we list it among our list of supported platforms; however, I have no technically known reason to suspect that Autodesk Design Review 2008 will not work on one of the other flavors of Microsoft Vista. If I hear empirical evidence to the contrary, I will report it.

Scott Sheppard

Formerly the 800 by 600 requirement was in place because some dialog boxes were big enough that you would not be able to reach the buttons at a lower resolution. The 1024 by 768 requirement (with 32 bit color) is based on the 3D enhancements that have been put into the product and the plethora of graphics cards that provide this resolution. I lowered my resolution to 800 by 600 and the product still functioned.

Stefaan Boel

Hey Scott,
For the other Vista program's, I suggest they test at least the business version also. Or do you think that companies will all buy the ultimate? And for sure many people will have the premium edition at home.
You're probabally right that it will work also, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell people all over the world that?


Design Review install in WinXp 64x??

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