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February 12, 2007


Ajay Prasad

Will DR2008 allow area takeoffs to appear in converted *.pdfs or prints in their true transparency? I have found that areas print opaque covering other vital information.

Scott Sheppard

The transparency depends on the printer driver. What you see in print preview is what Autdoesk Design Review is sending to the driver. If you want to send me a test file, I will print it and take a look.


We have half a dozen campus over restricted WAN and are going global soon. We need to consolidate CAD infrastructure to a central DataCenter/SAN/Enterprise Backups/GigE with a second DataCenter for D/R.

Does the new version support either Metaframe (Citrx Presentation Server with high color depth) or VMWARE ESX 3.1 Enterprise Server?

If not, have your systems been tested on PC Blades that one user per Blade could remote connect in a Central DataCenter?

Scott Sheppard

Autodesk Design Review 2008 does not require admin rights to install or use. This gives it a better chance of working in a Citrix environmnet although we do not test or support that usage. Project Freewheel (http://dwfit.com) is our solution for viewing DWF files using a server.

Ray Mendoza

This may be simple question, but can you rotate pages yet???

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