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February 12, 2007


Scott Sheppard

It is a simple question. It is a fair question. Unfortunately rotate sheet was not included in Autodesk Design Review 2008. It is on the list of features for an upcoming release. I know people always say that kind of thing, but it really is on the list. We know people want this. For now you can take a snapshot and rotate the image, since Autdoesk Design Review can rotate an image.

Tony Iorfino

Does Design Review 2008 (or the DWF Writer installed with it) or any other DWF Writer flavor allow DWF creation from SolidWorks 2007?

Scott Sheppard

The DWF Writer 2008 will provide support for SolidWorks 2007: http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/2007/03/whats_new_in_dw.html
It too will be released in April.


Does DR2008 have a 'scan to dwf' or 'import image' option in order to add an old fashionend sketch on occasion? Are there alternative, straightforward pathways to get bitmaps wrapped into DWF format?

Many thanks. T

Volker Joseph

Thank you for your feedback. ADR opens many image file formats and converts the content to DWF on the fly. Scanning functionality is not offered at this point and I believe that this would come with driver functionality delivered together with any scanner you may have - the scanner application interface should allow you to scan the results to another application, such as ADR.

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