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March 30, 2007


Volker Joseph

Thank you for the feedback. The sample provided by you seems to capture it best - for all our other readers, sample can be found at http://www.autodwg.com/DWG_DWF_Converter/

Freddy Klaudiussen

I was not able to run the installation in silent mode with the example above: start /wait SetupDesignReview.exe /s /v/qn

I made a batch file. The installation started prompting me all the dialogs for installation. Any Idea?



installing SetupDesignReview with parameters like 'start /wait SetupDesignReview /s /v /qn' (as described in 'tips and tricks' in document adr_tips2007_finalcomp.pdf on the autodesk site)prompts with dialogs; however like: 'start /wait SetupDesignReview.exe /s /v/qn' works fine.

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