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March 30, 2007


David Shabat

Hi Scott,

The Link to download Design Review 2008 still points to the 2007 version.


Scott Sheppard

The info I got from the marketing department is that it would be going live last night. Perhaps it didn't push? Sometomes it takes time for the new content to make its way to all of the servers. I will update the title for now to avoid additional confusion. I will change it back when they really push. Sorry.

Scott Sheppard

It looks like it took a little time for the web site content to propagate to the servers. I am seeing new content now.


Hi Scott,

.... got it :-).... and I have to give you and the team huge congratulations.... this is an awesome update - fast, clear, easy to use and very powerful.... many thanks for all the hard work - hope the DWF team have a great weekend lined up :-). Cheers, Cameron


to much excitement for one day! :)

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