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March 30, 2007


Barry Ralphs

Any word on TrueView 2008?

Scott Sheppard

Autodesk DWG TrueView 2008 is developed and released by the AutoCAD 2008 team. My guess is that it should be available within the month, but I am not privy to their info.

Stefaan Boel

Are you kidding me?
Failure of server APACHE bridge:

No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF.
Build date/time: Jun 16 2006 15:18:07

Change Number: 779586

Scott Sheppard

I am sorry you are having trouble. The difficulty must be on your end. Millions of people have downloaded Autodesk Design Review. Yu may wish to check with your IT department.

Gabriel Bandala


I have a question i can with design review or true view in command line make a publish document DWG to DWF like autodwg.com

Convert a dwg file to a dwf file:
g2f.exe /F c :\dwg\test.dwg /O c:\dwf\test.dwf /B black

or exist an similar example??

We need this solution for automate the process in the file server and view it in the web page..


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