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March 01, 2007


Jason Pratt

Thanks Scott. Hey everybody - Jason Pratt here. Yes I am the mastermind behind the global conglomerate operating in the U.S. as "Austin Silver Software."

If you're on a Mac (or know someone who is), check out McDwiff and let us know what you think about it. Feedback is welcome and will help us fine-tune our plan for world domination.

I for one welcome our new ant overlords!


Stefan Boeykens

ArchiCAD for OSX and Windows has the ability to publish a project into a reviewer applet, using Java. This includes DWF files. While they are 2D-only (and I assume using an older version of the DWF format), this provides the possibility to publish a fully web-enabled reviewing environment, cross-platform.

ArchiCAD exports its layout sheets into DWF files and they are then uploaded to an ftp-server, including a reviewer applet.

While the solution from Graphisoft doesn't support 3D information in the DWF files, I wonder why Autodesk only focuses on either a Windows-only ActiveX control for Internet Explorer and a server-side applet for the 'others'. There is plenty of room for something in-between...

McDwiff might be a good first step in that direction.

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