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What's New in DWF Writer 2008

As part of our work on the Nile project, we are releasing an update to the free DWF writer - DWF Writer 2008. Some of the what's new items from the Read Me include:

  • The CATIA Publisher plug-in now supports CATIA V5 R15 and R16.
  • The SolidWorks® Publisher plug-in now supports SolidWorks® 2006 and 2007.
  • The Pro/ENGINEER® Publisher plug-in now supports Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire™ 3.0.
  • The DWF Writer for 3D is not installed by default. This is an optional install that can not be done on machines running Microsoft Windows Vista. DWF Writer for 3D does not run on Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • The DWF Writer components now retain the last location where DWF files were published so you do not have to re-enter the location each time.
  • A warning message notifies that a program's built-in DWF publisher should be used when trying to publish DWF files from DWF Writer for 2D or DWF Writer for 3D from programs that have built-in DWF publishing capabilities (such as AutoCAD).
  • DWF Writer for 2D now has a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
  • DWF Writer for 2D now has a plug-in for Microsoft Office 2007.
  • DWF Writer for 3D now supports SolidEdge version 19.
  • DWF Writer for 3D now supports UG NX version 4.

The ability to get different forms of data into DWF, e.g. Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel workbooks, Microsoft Project schedules is available via the Autodesk DWF Writer for 2D. The DWF Writer for 3D captures data via OpenGL. Whether data is in an Autodesk format or not, it can be placed into DWF. Having one file format that can house all of your project data, in one file, for all of your project members, that can be shared across the entire life cycle of your project, really makes DWF go beyond the paper.

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