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April 02, 2007



So what about inventor 08? what plans are there to dwfx from it?

Scott Sheppard

Thank you for the question. Autodesk Inventor 2008 will not come with the ability to publish a DWFx file. This will be coming in a future release. The free Autodesk Design Review 2008 allows you to open a DWF file and save it as a DWFx file. You can publish a DWF file from Inventor, open it in Autodesk Design Review 2008, and then save it as a DWFx file. You can then send the DWFx file to a Microsoft Vista user, and he can view and print it without installing Autodesk Design Review. A non-Vista user can do the same thing if he has already installed the Microsoft XPS Viewer on his system.


what about a dwfx system printer driver then. This could at least eliminate the need to open a DWF in Design Review.

Scott Sheppard

We considered adding DWFx support to the DWF Writer for 2D, but we ran out of time. This will come in a future release. For the immediate needs, Volker is looking into making a command line utility available that will convert DWF to DWFx.

ghannie perez

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