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April 05, 2007


Mike Perry

Hi Volker and Scott
Quick question if I may...
Is the above DWFWriter2008.msi the *same* DWFWriter as DWFWriter3.5Setup.exe (currently available via http://www.autodesk.com/dwfwriter - just distributed in a different format?
Take care, Mike

Scott Sheppard

The MSI for these installers contains the same components as those for the released versions of these products. So DWFWriter2008.msi is the same as SetupDWFWriter3.5.exe. DWF Writer 3.5 is an update from the previous DWF Writer 3.0; however many of our applications are flying under their 2008 names now.

Mike Perry

Hi Scott
Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply :)
Just a suggestion: To help prevent any confusion would it not make more sense to distribute both packages under the same name e.g.
DWFWriter2008.msi & DWFWriter2008Setup.exe
DWFWriter3.5.msi & DWFWriter3.5Setup.exe
Take care, Mike

Scott Sheppard

Yes it would make more sense. I believe we listen to Talking Heads music quite frequently and had their _Stop Making Sense_ album in heavy rotation. It would take an act of God to get files renamed at this point. I will update the blog article that these items are the same. Thanks for the idea.


Gaaah, none of those steps are necessary, and I should know, I wrote them!

As I explained during the Beta, I discovered that Design Review will install fine without needing any of those extra steps.

You can install DR2008 via Group Policy by simply assigning the MSI file to computers.

Of course, disabling update checking is another matter... I'm still working on that one.

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