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April 05, 2007



There's also no link to this page from the main autodesk site, the DR2008 product page, the support pages, or the knowledgebase.

I only knew about it because I'd read of it during the beta, on a forum that's now closed.

How exactly are corporate customers supposed to find out about this download?


Recommended technique for deploying Design Review 2008.

If you don't want automatic updates, this is a better approach than using the provided MSI file:

1. Install WinInstall LE 2003 on a server (free MSI packaging tool for Windows)
2. Install a clean client PC, ensure it is fully patched with latest windows installer
3. Run the WinInstall discover tool
4. Run the Design Review 2008 installation
5. Run Design Review 2008 once
6. Edit the registry, turn off all auto update settings
7. Run the WinInstall discover tool again to create the custom MSI
8. Run WinInstall on the server to edit the package, remove the Microsoft registry entries that will not be needed

You now have a MSI file that can be used to deploy Design Review 2008 across your network, without it checking for updates.

Volker Joseph

Thank you for the feedback.

We are looking at options as to how to better integrate the blog into the world of DWF and I will provide an update as soon as available.
I would like to provide an updated post on your new deployment suggestion, ensuring that I make good on me failing to mention you in the earlier article, aside from sharing your new idea with our readers.

Craig Walsh

Have you guys got a similar MSI installer for Autodesks Motion Builder 7.5??

GCW Jeff

Winstall isn't going to stop the thing for checking for new versions. It will on the installation profile... but...

I edited the base MSI provided here, and it works great on the installation profile. But other profiles (especially newly created ones and even more especially user profiles - as opposed to admin or power user) don't pull the data from the HKLM - I'm assuming because it doesn't have write access to it, it makes new (default, hard set) reg keys in HKCU.

Seriously, you guys can't make something work properly on user-level logins? I'm being very stern here, but think about it:
If a USER cannot write to HKLM, they can't install or update software. If they can't install software, they shouldn't be trying to update DR at all, and chances are that the user won't be able to hit the network in the way you want to see if there's an update to begin with.

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