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April 24, 2007


Pat Greggain

Will this work eventually for the TDS800 series?

Volker Joseph

Thank you for the feedback.

I recommend for you to contact OCE directly, since I am not in a position to comment on your question at this point.

David Kingham

LOL Oce finally catches up just to fall behind again...
As you may recall I had font shifting problems in Revit 9.1, well this fixed that problem...awesome! But wait. Tried it with a dwf from Revit 2008 and whatya know, fonts shift again. I'm done with Oce.

Kal Houhou

I hopped it will fix our issues with the justification text in titleblock and view title shift within Revit B 9.1 or RAC 2008.
As David Kingham didnt fix anything neither in RB9.1 nor RAC2008. Any feedback will be more then welcome Volker.


please send me oce repro desk server software

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