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May 09, 2007



Is it possible to create a preloader which loads on start-up in order to speed up the loading of files?

I would also suggest that there should be an option to "minimize to tray" in order to speed up the performance, which goes along with my previous comment.

Volker Joseph

Further improvements to performance are high on our agenda and we are working to bring additional improvements to future releases. Please stay tuned and consider participating in the next DWF Beta program. An excellent forum to raise and discuss your opinion with fellow peers.

Jim Herrick

I need to rotate images (drawings) that come to me in PDF. I convert to DWF using DWF Print tool. I Can not rotate the drawing so that Design review is truly helpful. Suggestions anyone?????

Volker Joseph

Thank you for the feedback.

Rotate Sheet is functionality that is available only in ADR2009. ADR 2008 did not offer this feature.

We would like to look into this for you - can you please send me one of the affected files?

Thank you.

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