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September 13, 2007


GCW Jeff

Please make it admin only. Non-Admin only confuses the user. If a company wants to lock out their users from installing software, you shouldn't be getting around it for them (hear me google toolbar?). And if a company doesn't care about people installing software (Virus, Inc. for instance) then they won't lock them out and they can install it.

Bert Dreifuss

Please continue to offer Non-Admin installs. Many of our customers do not have administrative rights on their PCs, yet require the DWF viewer to use our web application.

Thank you.

GCW Jeff

Then their IT department should install it for them. Who is a user to say if a particular software is safe, compatable with their network or compatable with their system or not?

Volker Joseph

This is a decision that has to be taken at senior level here and I will forward all your feedback to the correct recipient.

Thank you, all.


I am having great difficulty with this installations, as none of our users have admin rights on there PC's, would you be able to give us a work around???


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