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February 26, 2008


Robin Capper

I don't use DWF Writer with Autodesk CAD but find it useful for cad related stuff. How else can I integrate a word page or spreadsheet with a drawing sheet in a DWF?
Besides, it's desirable for all workstations to be set up with the same applications/capability regardless of OS for consistency. Do we have to keep a 32bit box just for DWF Writer?

Scott Sheppard

I would be curious to know what 64-bit applications our customers are running that do not already have built-in DWF publishing. Using the PUBLISH process from Autodesk applications instead of the DWF Writer produces smaller DWF files with additional metadata: http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/2006/04/dwf_writer_is_n.html

Russell Holzinger

I would like to upgrade all my mechines to 64bit ASAP but the whole industry is dragging thier feet. I can't beleive Revit is not running on 64 or even supported by Autodesk. 32bit is just to limited/slow for BIM. We already have major headaches on our 64 systems with other vendors so show your support and do everything you can to help 64 users. We have work to get done and we pay Autodesk to make that easier for us so get with the program. ;)

Chad Smith

We run Revit on all our production PC's, but have no need for a 64bit for at least another 2 years, as that's when we are due for our next scheduled hardware upgrades.

What would be great though, would be to get a proper working 32bit DWF driver for Revit first. One that actually prints in vector with intelligent objects that have useful data.

Robin Capper

We are hitting 32 bit memory limits with some designs. Just starting to consider a shift to 64bit if/when we go to Vista.

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