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February 26, 2008


Russell Holzinger

I would like integrate my specs into the DWF that contains the drawings. We would need the DWF Writer to work in SpeckLink and MS Office on 64-bit OS's. We are working to have the detail callouts hyperlinked to the spec section like the section heads in Revit do when in DesignReview. We have accelerated our move to 64-bit OS so that we can use more RAM. Revit really needs to get there ASAP.


We need a 64 bit driver. 90% of our workstations use XP x64 (~250 units) because of the memory limitations of XP 32. The driver would help me further promote the use of DWF for all documents that normally would be converted to PDF. In my opinion DWF is more extensible and for us represents more potential for all of our processes related to design/documentation.

Please provide the driver. Or, at very least, ensure that DWFx has the same capabilities.

Ian Nelson

Yes please, ASAP. I thought this would be a great work around for REVIT to embed fonts into DWF's that we send to consultants and external print companies.

Jeff Ward

We take pdf, Word, Excel and other files output to embed within a review set of drawings in dwf format. Since there is no work around to using the DWF Writer, how else can we incorporate sketches and notes that were not originated in AutoCAD? The promotions for Autodesk Viewer listed this option as one of its good features - why would Autodesk provide for 32-bit users but not 64-bit users?

Matt Turner

We use ProEngineer Wildfire 3.0, but since our upgrade to 64-bit Windows XP we haven't been able to distribute in DWF format. Very sad. A 64-bit compatible DWF writer would be very useful.

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