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February 26, 2008


Michael Coviello

We are rapidly moving towards x64 on all our production pc's to take advantage of Revit x64 and increased memory usage.
We create dwf's from other sources such as ms office, IE and others.
Currently the dwf for the other apps(excel, word etc) has to be created on a 32bit machine which soon will be a rare thing.
It is promising that Autodesk just released x64 versions of Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. Please make the dwf writer next.

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Tim Catalano

I'm just wondering why it's such an issue, obviously the dwf writer works on the 64 bit OS because i'm able to print to dwf from autocad. i would like to be able to print to dwf from all my office applications because i really don't like pdf, but i guess i'll be stuck with it till autodesk lets us print to dwf... lame.

Volker Joseph

Thank you for your feedback.

AutoCAD ability to publish to DWF is not affected by this issue since the application does NOT make use of the DWF Writer but uses a build in publish engine instead.


Since there are other ways to publish, I guess the concern is why but another hole in AutoDesk programming

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