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February 19, 2008



Ich would prefer DesignReview with integrated DWG-Open/publish and NOT two applications. It is complicate to show a non-designer why he has two use DesignReview for DWF and TrueView for DWG. I'm an AutoCAD-Administrator and a -Manager, i also would prefer the installation of one programm on many computers here in our company.

Volker Joseph

Thank you for your feedback.

The request for a single viewer has been issued many times and we are actively investigating this.


I'd send you a box of cookies if I could. :-)

This might finally convince me to give up that 'other' viewer my guys have been using for the past few years.

(we use dwg's only, no dwf's, and all-in-one viewer might be nice for some folks that use both, but, I'm pretty happy now)

Chad Smith

Dare I say, it's about time measurement was added.

As for the merging into a single program, I'm not too sure about that. For use inside your company where say managers may need to 'review' both DWG and DWF, then sure it makes sense.
But in the situation where clients only need to review a DWF, I don't think they would appreciate having to download a 125MB install which Trueview currently is, as opposed to downloading a much smaller 40MB install of Design Review.

Chris Summers

When will Trueview 2009 be released?

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