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March 26, 2008


Dan Dingo

Where can I find the two parameters?
ADSK_DESIGN_REVIEW_SERIAL=400-96523577 ADSK_SILENT_LICENSE=YES /qn /Le c:\DesignReview_install_log.txt

Also, the orca demo link seems broken.

Harry Criswell

I found that using DWF writer 4 (2009) generates larger dwf files that are not readable in design review 2008. However if I open the dwf files in design Review 2009 and simply save them again as dwf files they shrink dramatically 1/2 to ~2/3 their size and are again readable in the older design review. This seems like a bug to me. Size and compatibility.


Hello, we need a msi file for the german language, where can we get this?

Volker Joseph

Please contact me directly and I will see what I can do to help out.

Harry Criswell

Further info on the DWF Writer 4 2009 issue I mentioned above. Just re-saving the files either as the default DWFx or DWF in Design review 2009 shrinks the files and makes them readable in Design review 2008.

My biggest issues is actually with the Publish feature in AutoCAD... I wouldn't be using DWF writer if publish would give me the same results. When I use publish the resulting DWF file shows parts of entities that don't display on screen in AutoCAD and don't plot when I print hard copies.

I'm drawing 2D elements at 0' 10' and 20' etc in my drawing. Using clipping planes to hide items from other levels to change the display for different sheets. This drawing is XREF'd into another drawing and viewed through paper space.

The entities that appear are arcs in blocks and fonts from other levels that are hidden from view via a front and back clipping plane.

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