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July 14, 2008


Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World

"never allowed to use .NET until today" should have been "never allowed to use .NET until today unless you already knew about this trick"?

Volker Joseph

Thank you for the feedback.

Not quite sure whether to place this in the good or not so good feedback file. Elaborate on your comments, if you could. Thank you.

Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World

I was more wondering if it was something I have missed or what was new "today" in this quote "Autodesk Design Review was never allowed to use .NET until today".
Take it as good feedback as I think it's good that this is pointed out how to do it.


I’m just starting to explore the possibilities of implement the Design Review in an applications that we are developing, but although all of this looks great, what happens with the developers who only wants zoom, pan and rotate control?. A 150 Mb installation is excessive for a secondary part of an application, also developing a viewer with the DWF toolkit. I think it’s a modularity problem of the Design Review. Or maybe I’m wrong and it exist another solution. Please, excuse my English.

Volker Joseph

Try www.autodesk.com/freewheel instead.

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