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October 31, 2008


Erik Tomlinson

Not directly related to this hotfix, but every time I start Design Review 20009 SP1 with or without this hotfix, it tells me there are new updates available. Clicking the link sends me to the already-installed SP1 download page. Slightly annoying.

Volker Joseph

Thank you.

You can either select "Do not show me this this again" or follow these steps


Thank you.

Problems with links in DWFs

After I installed SP1 the way Design Review handles links in DWFs changed. We have used javascript in the href to force-open a window of desired size when the link is clicked. This doesn't work after SP1 was installed, and now we have more than 100'000 DWFs with links that don't work.

Not happy!

Volker Joseph

Thank you for your feedback.

Please send me more details about the stated issue to [email protected].

We are looking for the javascript as well as any other coding that fails now but has worked prior.

Thank you.

Heiko Neblung


We are using Design Review 2009 SP1 within Productstream Professional 2009.

Some of our Users are running PSP 2009 on Citrix Presentation 4.5. Every time they use the DWF preview they get an error report when they close the window of PSP 2009 in which the preview window was used and PSP crashes.

We need to use the integrated preview to easily know if the dwf is up2date or not.

Do you have any hints what we can do?

Thank you.

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