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January 13, 2009


huang zhi an

Sorry , I am lack of experience and limited capability.

I am wandering how the author set those properties to 3d object in the sample dwf file? Such as :

Author, garding
Designer, garding
Part Number, Fork-Brace
Part Type name,Modeling
Accuracy, Low
Material:, Default
Volume:,4.642 inch^3

I found those objects are not block .
When I click some object in autocade 2009 , I find only these properties : general \geometric figure\3d Effect.

Thank advance .

Chris Blocher

Hi, I'm not sure. I suspect that the author/designer names might be picked up automatically from the publishing computer. You may want to try posting to the AutoCAD 2009 discussion group, http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/AutoCAD-2009/bd-p/344, or searching the AutoCAD 2012 Help file, http://exchange.autodesk.com/autocad/enu/help

huang zhi an

this the right answer from JDMather ntributor

That model was done in Autodesk Inventor - not AutoCAD. You can get some massprop information in AutoCAD, but not as much as in Inventor. If the author had actually assigned material (like steel) rather than leaving as default - there would be additional information.

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