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March 11, 2009



sometimes the conversion fails:

C:\Downloads>DWFxConverter.exe dwf\dwf-d.dwf dwf\dwf-d.dwfx
Error processing file dwf\dwf-d.dwf
The provided file's type is not recognized.
Function: CPackageConversion::_init
File: .\PackageConversion.cpp
Line: 375

The same happens (i.e., conversion fails) if converting using Design Review 2011...

What to do then?


Has this been updated? I, also, am running into consistent failures:
Error processing file c:\dwfs\09090G00999999.DWF Error reading from or writing to file during conversion
Function: CPackageConversion::_convertGraphics
File: .\PackageConversion.cpp
Line: 737

If anyone has run into the same and found a solution, please share!

Chris Blocher

Sorry, but the DWF to DWFx Batch Converter is no longer supported.

Matthias Beyer

Do you have plans to release a new version of this tool?

Chris Blocher

Hi Matthias, There are no plans to update this converter. It is no longer supported.

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