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March 24, 2009


bim sketchup

i visited your project and i suggest that it is very valuable for construction and development.Bim project will makes a new world of construction,designed and development. naviswork is more valuable for this project.

Jimi Vanderpool

I had to recently uninstall and reinstall Navisworks due to a network license agreement.... Long story. Regardless, I've been using Navisworks for almost 4 years now and have grown to love it. All this aside, the icons in my Windows Explorer show an NWF file opening with Adobe. I right click, go to "Open With" and try to reassign it to Navis and it's not listed. So I click browse, go to my file location, and double click "roamer.exe" becuase I believe this to be the correct program. However, when I do so, it does not add this program to the list of available ones. It simply does nothing. Am I using the right program/file?


Lee Mullin

Hi Jimi,

There's something that's obviously gone wrong with the file association there. I'd recommend reinstalling Navisworks from scratch with full Admin rights, if this is on Vista or Windows 7 it is possible you would also need to right click the installer and 'Run as Administrator'.

If you are still having problems we recommend you log a post on the Navisworks forums: -



Go to Regedit
Scroll down to NWD, NWF, and NWC (NOT .NWD, .NWF, .NWC)
Go To shell -> open -> command
Right click on default and go to modify
Paste in location of roamer file (ie. for 2013 "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Simulate 2013\Roamer.exe" "%1")

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