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April 09, 2009



I'm confused. I haven't tried this myself, but I always though that Design Review would graphically show the user the differences in two files. Why create a stamp overlay?

Tracy Lincoln

Jason, Please take this as constructive criticism... You need to show a DWF compare with a file that does have some changes not one that doesn't??? I also think that's what people who would be interested in using the feature really want to see demonstrated. You haven't demonstrated it.

And if you are going to create a overlay, make them two different colors so a change will truly stand out.

Try doing a compare on two DWFs where the geometry was all moved slightly OMG!!! This is where your Overlaid example would actually be useful.

Last comment, directed at Autodesk... would be is one could do a bulk DWF Compare would be useful (like a publish with 2 sources to make the 3rd or compared results).

- Tracy


Hey Tracy, I agree LOL. I had not looked at those two DWFs, they were provided to me by a customer (!) who asked me to do a compare video with them! By the time I got to the point of comparing them, I was already committed to the vid. The customer is happy with the video, and I posted it for the rest of the world to see (with her permission)

So I guess I would say it's an exercise for the reader :) to take two DWFs of their own and try out this feature, which I have shown you how to use, so you can see what happens with DWFs that have changes in them!

You unfortunately cannot change the color of a DWF overlay. You have to change it in the source AutoCAD/Revit file - and I don't have access to those since they are customer DWFs.

As far as the built-in compare - it works (on one sheet only), but only if everything in the publishing setup is very close to EXACTLY the same from file to file. If it's not for any reason (you recreated layouts, viewports, etc.) you need to use this method instead if you want to compare.

Thanks for the feedback!

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