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April 14, 2009


Stefaan Boel


You have to indeed be carefull with messing with the boot.ini file.
Furthermore, in Windows XP you better set a lower value dan 3GB because these days video cards use a lot of memory when using Direct3D.
But with the new drivers and graphics database, I was able to move to OpenGL. It's up2speed now!

Volker Joseph

Thank you for your feedback.

Exactly why I pointed out that only skilled people should perfom this process.

Appreciate you sharing your personal experience.


/3gb switch doesn't work with Inserting Images using Map3D (LDT, C3D, or just Map).

You have to reboot out of the /3gb to make it work.


I appreciated this article. It was probably the best explanation I found while configuring two computers to run Adobe CS3. I was wondering why they only saw two gigs of memory when there were three present.


Thanks man!

More PC users need to know about this and it is impossibly indecent that the memory you pay for is not automatically utilized.

Thanks for your time,

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