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April 14, 2009


Larry Miller

The author is correct in stating that this switch effects the virtual address space. But the most recent comment is wrong, this switch has nothing to do with how RAM is utilized. Even without this switch a system will be able to make full use of 3GB or even more RAM, if it can be provided. This setting only effects the normal division of virtual address space which is totally independent of how RAM is utilized.

The setting has a downside and should only be used when an important application requires or will benefit from the larger virtual address space. It restricts the system cache which will have a negative influence on system performance. There are other issues as well.

Larry Miller
Microsoft MCSA

Ralph Sanchez

I've found that this causes more trouble than it solves under 32 bit XP with Nvidia Quadro cards. Even after constantly tweaking the userva value, we've never been able to arrive upon a configuration that works.

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Any news about this on Windows 7?

Andreas E.

Note: *NEVER* use said switch together with /PAE. It's just plainly silly. Don't.

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The memory is not utilized automaticly, so people need to know when buying.

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