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May 19, 2009


Brian Benton

I just got a copy of VISTA on a new computer a few weeks ago. It's ok. I think it got a bad rap early on. It is a bit annoying though, with all of the safety checks in it.



Work, moving to Vista for 64 bit rather than anything Vista'ery. Win7 will happen I guess when/if the business demands it

Home: Skipping Vista as hardware doesn't justify upgrading from XP. Need a new PC but not in a huge rush to upgrade so will hang off till Win7 machines are on sale.

Matt Anderson

I've been running Win7 beta and now RC in 64bit format and I do really enjoy it. It has run AutoCAD Civil 3d very well.

Joe Raftery

When will AutoCad run on Linux and OSX? I've sort of lost faith in Microsoft lately.

Could Autodesk officially support a port to Wine even if it was just for some of their programs or would Microsoft wreak terrible vengeance on you for such apostasy?


How things change in a few weeks. The July RTM for 7 means looks like skipping Vista is more likely than not!

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