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June 19, 2009


Bob Black

2010 version still takes a ludicrously long time to load. Ah well, I'll just carry on using PDF! Why bother producing and alternative to Acrobat that is un-useable and has been since its inception!?


I can't a good copy of either hotfix zip to download.

William Henry

I'm not on 2010 myself yet, but we have some users who are running design review 2010 to communicate with some vendors.

We are in a Win XP environment...last night we had a bunch of windows upgrades, and one of them effectively killed Design Review...I was wondering if anyone has reported this (date of updates: 10/14/09)

For those of you experining the slow loading with 2010...we had a similar situation with 2009 initially. We had to remove the auto update line of code in the registry (for Design review) and then it worked fine. I am told it was a conflict with our server security settings or something like that. Anyway, it may be worth looking into.


2010 is worthless BECAUSE it takes forever to open, we are currently in the process of converting our company back to PDF because it just takes to long to open a drawing.

The addition of the ribbon has made it more difficult to access some features, such as setting a drawing to B&W, a preference that should have been added a long time ago is now 3 clicks deep on a 'ribbon' that has plenty of EMPTY real estate --> rediculous!

The 2009 version was great (because it opened fast), unfortunately someone deleted it from our network and we no longer have the option to roll back :(

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