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July 17, 2009


Karl Fandrich

Many design firms are moving to x64 for all their machines so that they can run Autodesk software more effectively. Regardless of the contents of a readme file, Autodesk's lack of support for x64 on a core program such as Design Review is unacceptable.


I couldn't even install the program -Autodesk Design Review- in my PC with a 64-bit operating system...

There is an "installation failed" message with the folowing line:
(0x643:Internal error)

What is going on?, Is there something I can do?, How can you help me?...

Thank you


This is sooooo frutrating...I just lost so much time trying to make this work!
Do you have a solution in the near future?


Autodesk, you think the guys making the big bucks would figure out than the more Ram and ponies under the hood, the happier your people are, but no. Want ADR please go back to 32 bit system and limit everything you do. We progress so you can't. What a bunch...

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