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July 16, 2009


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I'm an arquitect and I've decided to sell my old PC to buy a HP MINI netbook. AUTOCAD 2007 and Vector Works 11 runs quite good on XP, for small works even to make 3D models. I'm very satisfied with it because I can take my netbook anywheare, and a notebook seems to me unconfortable to carry to work.
When I'm at home I plug it to a 19'' monitor to work more confortable.
For rendering, such as Artlantis R, works very good.

Hp Used Computers

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All web content works on my Netbook. I have Adobe Flash. I have my choice of any version of Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or many other web browsers. VLC plays any media type (audio or video) I’ve ever encountered, but if I don’t like VLC, I have my choice of many other free and open source apps.


Usually netbooks have a seperate partition that has recovery/reinstall stuff on, there should be a key prompt somewhere before your netbook tries to boot windows that'll say something like "select boot option" or "hit x to start repair" anything like that at all?

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