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February 25, 2010



I am experiencing the same issue (timer appears for a second) but only have Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard installed. I do not have an uninstall feature under window control panel either.


Help...! We are also experiencing the same problem (hour glass appears for a second)& then ADR 2010 fails to launch. Adobe Reader 9 installed. Still running on XP Prof. O/S


Thanks for the tip. Although I don't have the extended version of the Adobe Acrobat Pro I proceded with the Uninstall/Modify of this software. I found the feature named Autodesk AutoCAD wich I disabled. I could then open Design Review immediately after.


Hello, for a long period of time I thought the only way to fix this will be to unload, reload the application, but then, if I run Design Review 2010 as another user... (Right click, run as…, choose you name "username\administrator"....will work like a charm, nothing to do with my privileges on Windows, the 2009 Design Review version was ok. Please try this fix and share your result

Bill DeShawn

No luck as any user.

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