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April 22, 2010



Sometimes there is need to extract Grid data (BOM)from DWF in some editable format (XLS).
I've found no possibility to copy the data to clipboard.
The only more-or-less relevant option available in ADR2010 is to print data (paper, PDF or XPS).
Of course then PDF could be recognized but...isn't more direct way to do it?

Dustin Hughes

Mr. Scott Sheppard must be mistaken. We have deployed Autodesk Design Review 2011 throughout several Mercedes dealerships that use it to view their wiring diagrams. The software will install and run fine as an administrator, but when a non-administrator attempts to view one of the wiring diagrams, they have to click through several (about six) error prompts stating that they need admin rights to use the software. After they have clicked through all of the prompts, then the software will run and display the wiring diagram. However, having to click through all these prompts every single time they open a wiring diagram is annoying and hurts productivity. The bottom line: Autodesk Design Review 2011 does not work correct as a non-administrator.

Dustin Hughes

Excuse me, I meant to write Mr. Sting Liu.


Thank you for your feedback.

I cannot reproduce this issue when view DWF files with non-administrator.

ADR only follows the Windows security strategy, does not add any other special settings.

Could you please try any other Apps to see if happen this issue?

My steps to view DWF file with non-Admin:
1. Install ADR with Administrator.
2. Create a new user that is not in the Administrator group.
3. Go to the created non-Administrator account to view DWF files with ADR.


Hi Scott, I have found on occasion DWF does get installed requiring Admin rights to run but never figured out what combo of installer etc does this.

Have a machine where it was installed using account with full local admin, the std user sees an icon with the little Admin shield on it & UAC prompts to "Let the application make changes to the system" when run. This particular install was from the full exe (inc patches & True View) bundle install.

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