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July 12, 2010


Paul Austin

It should not be so difficult for a client or collaborater to open a Design Review document especially for those using software other than AutoCad. They are not going to tweak their computers for infrequent use of these documents. They are not looking to continue a mark-up, but just need to see it. Can't AutoCad provide an option to export as a PDF or something similar for other to view?

Reg cleaner

I did not try Google chrome maybe I should give it a go, thanks.

Urban Hahne

Hi.I have installed DWF wiewer for Gooble and Firefox. It shows the Dwf-file ok if I drop it inside the browser. But how is the code for to open the DWG from a link in my site pgae.
The first version for IE the code is:

What is the code for to show it in Google and FF? And what program have I to upload to my site server.


Hello. How to be if in a way Cyrillics contains? (I from Russia). Such error drops out here: "path does not exit please verify the correct path was given." Thanks.

Paul Munford

Thanks for the Article Chris,

That's cool stuff! I've posted a link to your Article here:
How to Turn Google Chrome into a cool DWF Viewer


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