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July 12, 2010


Chris Blocher

Hi, Unfortunately our browser add-on currently doesn't support file paths that contain Cyrillics. A wishlist item has been added to our internal tracking system for future consideration.



User Assistance, Design Review, Autodesk

Chris Blocher

Thanks for the press, Paul!


Thanks Chris, I hope soon realize.

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

John Davis

Google Chrome has a few apparent advantages to IE for viewing .dwfx attachments from PLM360.
1.) upon open, Chrome has no prompt for "enable blocked content"
2.) upon closing the Chrome browser window that you are viewing/marking-up the .dwfx in, the user is prompted to 'Save' NOT 'SaveAs' (which forces two-or-more clicks to accomplish the task). If you must re-name the file, SaveAs is still available from the Home tab.

Google Chrome was recommended to us for PLM360 use and I have yet to find anything it won't do at least as-well-as IE.

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