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August 06, 2010


Leslie Lees

Even after this mod, it does not produce a result that is comparable with Adobe, with is what I'm trying to get our project managers to change from.

DR takes at least 3 times longer (than Adobe)to complete an initial startup (app' only no files)not only that, but when you open files each one opens a new instance of DR.

Its no good me bleating on about the quality, when they can't be bothered to wait for it to open.

Also not many project engineers have CAD spec'ed machines so the delay they experience is even more dismal.

Mark J

The problem of a slow startup is also an issue we are facing. Tried the above mentioned registry fix but to no avail. Design Review 2011 still takes a long time to start. Especially when compared to Acrobat as mention in a previous post.

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