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May 25, 2011


Dell Ink

This is great news that made the idea of iPad purchase a lot more encouraging!

Daniel Swords

That's nice and all, but how on Earth has a 3rd party beat you guys to the punch at viewing your own file format? AutoCAD WS needs to get moving and add this critical feature already (and not just for iOS but for the Android version too).

Roger Rapp

Daniel - Just to be clear and as mentioned above, McDwiff uses Autodesk Freewheel Web Service. And it's a free service at that. So Autodesk technology actually enables McDwiff. And as you'll see noted on the McDwiff pages, the storage of the viewable DWFs is handled by Autodesk Cloud servers.

And Autodesk did already have its own mobile enabled DWF viewer, built into Buzzsaw. And as always with Autodesk, there's more to come!

Daniel Swords

I have an Android phone and an Android tablet. As far as I know, there is neither an Android version of Buzzsaw, nor any other DWF viewer for Android. I'm pretty sure that Android devices have a larger market share than iOS, which means that the majority of potential user still don't have this basic capability.

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If McDwiff uses Autodesk Freewheel Web Service I would certainly give it a shot as well - especially since it's a free service at that.

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