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November 08, 2011


Matt Johnson

#1 Feedback assuming this was not added: ability to switch to black and white mode (for Design Review / True View). Also, why not merge Design Review and True View into one package?


Tablets are becoming very popular. I hope the interface will work well with a tablet. With Windows 8 coming soon and half the laptops in our engineering department being tablet PC's with a Stylus this could be a huge oppertunity.

Karl Nelson

I tried updating my Viewer to the 2013 Beta version and in uninstalled my current version and then told me that I wasn't connected to the internet. However, I am connected to the internet, so I don't know what the download malfunction is. Can anyone help? Also, there isn't a phone number or good contact for trouble shooting this problem. I am not very happy about this situation.

Chris Blocher

Hi Karl, sorry you're having difficulty.

The 2013 version is out of Beta now. You can get the final version here: http://www.autodesk.com/designreview-download

Regarding support, you can find support here: http://www.autodesk.com/discussiongroup-designreview

This location provides peer-to-peer support, and is frequently monitored by our engineering staff. When you post, please provide information like what OS are you using? What version of Design Review were you trying to uninstall. Where did you try to get the download that caused the issue?

Thank you.


Hi, I know it may not be correct place to ask this question but just thought if you could have answers to this question. Is there any plan to add feature to add Hyperlink with in ADR while creating marup? I understand currently you have to add hyperlink in application like Acad or Revitalize or Inventor before publishing it to DWF. Is there any add-on to this ?

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