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February 22, 2012


Alexandr Busov

Good day, made account to test it on android, but no connect to cloud from android. Thru web it's ok i can see files, downloaded to cloud. If it's no subscription on account - no working service ?

Steve Carlson - Calgary

Here is what I have seen:

1. Exported DWF from Navisworks (3.5 MB File)
2. Created a CLOUD ACCOUNT
3. Uploaded DWF to Cloud Account
4. Installed Design Review on IPAD (1st GEn)
5. Logged into Cloud Account on IPAD
6. Accessed DWF on IPAD
7. FAIL (File would not load)

does anyone have any solutions to this problem?
Is this an IPAD Capability issue?

Chris Blocher

Hi Steve,

Please submit all Autodesk Design Review mobile app service questions and comments to the http://feedback.autodesk.com/cloudservices. The folks who can answer your questions monitor that area.

Thank you,



:) yes!


I am glad it finally came to Android, I use the desktop version and find it invaluable, particularly exporting DWF from Revit. The only issue I have at the moment is a big one, that is the inability to open local files. I believe AutoCAD WS is the same way, although the cloud space is great and extremely useful if you are on site with poor or no internet connection then the apps are useless.

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