Extra demolition power for the heaviest tasks | BROKK 330

  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre - The caterpillar tracks are made from wear resistant hardened steel. Strong, flap-down outriggers ensure great operational stability on uneven ground. The small dimensions of the Brokk 330 enable it to enter and work where space is limited
  • Power and reach - With a reach of almost 7 m (22 ft) and a full 360° turning radius, the Brokk 330 provides excellent access to the work area without timeconsuming repositioning. The three-part arm is of box weld design for maximum strength. Hydraulic cylinders and hoses are well protected. The mechanical quick-hitch makes tool changes easy, and the optional automatic hydraulic quick-hitch enables the Brokk 330 to become even more flexible and productive.
  • Tools - The strong arm allows the machine to work with tools weighing up to 550 kg (1210 lb). A breaker fitted to Brokk 330 delivers a hitting power of 800 joules at the tip (1250 ft lb), a remarkable achievement for a 4.2 ton (9250 lb) unit.
  • Maintenance A design priority has been to make Brokk 330 a dependable piece of equipment even under the toughest service conditions. At the same vital components are easily accessible for service and maintenance.